The first ten years of the brigade had been more than eventful, including hard times raising the necessary finance to obtain suitable equipment. Always on the county council's doorstep trying to extract more money and finding that unfortunately Stokes Valley Fire Brigade was not the only organisation seeking grants from the rather meagre rates return of those days. However, much had been achieved and the brigade thought that the milestone of the first decade should be suitably celebrated in style. Accordingly, in April 1949 George Walker moved that a committee of four be elected to explore the raising of funds for a 10-year do. Those elected were George Walker, the recently appointed secretary, Ian Corbett, Len Wright and Dick Ward. At this time the brigade had a balance sheet surplus of 210 pounds 19 shillings and sixpence. Not a bad nest egg for a do. Now it was back to raffles and the odd paying jobs again.

As the anniversary approached, the station received another coat of paint, both inside and outside and a programme was arranged for a Friday 13, October, 1950.

Members in 1950

The programme was: 8pm commencement of dinner to be followed by the presentation of honors by the Member of Parliament for the district, Jim Maher.

10pm - Inspection of the fire station followed by dancing, MC for the evening Sid Agar.

Saturday: Grand concert for all residents - Free Show (The annual grant must have been increased!)

Sunday: Photographs at 9am to be taken by Charles Cooper; church parade 11am. Fire station inspection by public at 2.3Opm.

Notes: The dance band was to cost one pound ten shillings and would consist of piano, played by Allan Wright, accordion played by George Evans, guitar played by Jim Wright and drums, Len Wright.

The photographs were donated to the brigade by Charles Cooper.

The following were presented with United Fire Brigade awards: Three Year Certificate, Fireman Mick Hansen; Five Year Medal, Fireman Alf Stephen; Two Year Silver Bar, George Walker, Jim Deer, Jack Deer, George Hansen and Tom Reece. Tom also received the Life Honorary Medal.

The first ten years was a most eventful period and much had been achieved although many members had made considerable financial sacrifices. Hundreds of hours donated, either in the building of the fire station, modifying vehicles to make them into fire appliances and in fighting the actual fires - all for no financial reward, but with the tremendous satisfaction of a worthwhile contribution to the safety of the district.

Ten Year Dinner, Koraunui Hall