Topaz Robinson

In this week's "Meet the Crew", we meet a very young man who has recently completed his Recruits course. As of Wednesday 27th July 2016, he has been promoted and is now Stokes Valley's newest Firefighter.

Name: Topaz Robinson
Rank: Firefighter
Length of Service: 8 months (as at 31st July 2016)
School: Taita College

Why he joined:
"I have always been committed to serving and helping those in need. I want to be a prime example to our youth and show them that you can achieve no matter how old you are."

Fun facts:
- Competed in the 2016 National Firefighter Combat Challenge as a Recruit Firefighter in one of the "Team Vegas" relay teams.
- At 16, he is one of the youngest members to ever join Stokes Valley Fire Brigade.

In the short time Topaz has been at Stokes Valley Volunteer Fire Brigade, he has made a great impression. He is always willing to put his hand up to help and gives 110% in everything he does. He is reasonably quiet at first, but once he gets to know you, he has a great sense of humour and loves a laugh.

Topaz is a fine young man with plenty of potential. The world is his oyster and we are very lucky he has decided to join our organisation to serve our local community. All of our members are looking forward to watching him grow into the fantastic Firefighter we know he can be.

Congratulations on your promotion, Topaz. Welcome to the Stokes Valley Fire Team, Now the hard work really begins!!